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Movie buffs now are increasingly looking at setting up a home theatre within the comfort at their home. Here are 5 reasons why you should buy a home theatre.

India is a movie crazy country and we love to watch movies in cinema halls and multiplexes. We are the world’s largest movie producer, churning out nearly 2000 movies a year. Movies are made in varied regional languages and additionally close to 100 dubbed Hollywood movies are released in India every year.

Weekend plan with family and friends invariably has the option of catching the latest flick in the nearby multiplex. But there are compelling reasons why you should invest in a home theatre.

Better Multiplex Experience is Getting Expensive

For better seating and choice of food while enjoying a movie in a multiplex, you now have to increase the ticket-spend to at least Rs. 800 and the meal-spend to at least Rs. 600 per person.

Luxury Multiplex Screen with Red Chairs
(Luxury Format Multiplex)

Top multiplexes like PVR Cinemas and INOX Movies now have separate offerings for the masses and classes. Regular screen formats are kept for the masses and the luxury formats are positioned for those aspiring for an enhanced and luxurious movie going experience. The luxury screen formats have a higher price tag.

As per industry experts, spend on food & beverage (F&B) is five times higher in luxury / premium screens as compared to standard format screens which means that a Rs. 200 spend on F&B in a regular format screen increases to Rs. 1,000 in premium screens. The average ticket price for luxury/ premium segment is significantly higher at Rs. 800-Rs.2,000.

Movies buffs wishing to enjoy seating with more elbow room, variety of food choices and better cinema quality, have to spend more money.

In any case, heading for multiplexes involves spending on cab/ fuel and parking.

It is therefore increasingly making sense to invest in a home theatre.

Enjoy Varied Cinema-Level Content at Home

Couple watching TV at home
(Watch Binge-worthy Net Series in Cinema Sound in your Home Theatre)

Nowadays, Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms have started streaming exclusive movie premiers right into your homes. Now, you can watch latest movies without going to multiplexes.

Besides movies, a lot of non-movie content is also available on OTT platforms with high quality video and cinema-like surround audio. Lot of binge-watchable series showcase amazing cinematography and minimum 5.1 channel Dolby Sound.

You can watch documentaries on nature, wildlife, space and exotic travel in full 4K format and Dolby sound. All this immersive content is not available in cinemas/ multiplexes.

Home Theatre Saves Time and Stress

It takes anything between half an hour to nearly two hours to drive to a mall, park your car, get past the security and reach the multiplex on the top floor.

Evening time traffic
(Stressful Drive to the Multiplex)

Driving down to the multiplex on a weekend can prove to be a stressful and time-consuming affair. Everyone is out on cars and heading towards the malls, where the multiplexes are.

The idea of housing multiplexes in malls is well thought out but does not play out well in the real world. On weekends, you end up parking your car in minus-3 basement and taking the escalator (lifts going up are all full, remember?) 3-4 floors up to reach the multiplex. Not a pleasant experience.

Having a home theatre can help save all that time, stress and hassle.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Multiplexes are shared places after all. There is only so much the management can do to sanitize the whole place. Hence the multiplexes are potential breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, viruses, etc. Getting up to wash hands in the restrooms is very inconvenient. Many of us have felt the angst when we forget to bring the hand sanitizer along and are forced to eat with unclean hands!

It’s works the other way round also. Because of contamination fear like the recent COVID-19 crisis, the cinemas are all shut. But you can still enjoy movies if you have a home theatre set up.

Nothing Beats the Comfort of Home

Elegant living room with home theatre system
(Elegant living room with home theatre system)

Cramped seats, sub-optimal leg room and no place to keep the food tray are a problem in cinemas.

Home theatres on the other hand let you enjoy in comfortable home environs with your favorite snacks and drink. There is ample room to accommodate elbows and legs as well! You can pause the movie and take calls freely. You can take bio breaks too. You avoid the angry looks too after accidently trampling on toes while rushing to the loo because of the chilling air conditioning.


In conclusion, investing in a home theatre makes a lot of sense because it turns out to be less expensive in long run, gives a more relaxed and comfortable experience, saves time, is less stressful, lets you enjoy non-movie content and helps avoid germs & infections.

Know more about the cost of home theatre in India and how to choose the best home theatre suiting your budget and zeal.



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