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boAt Aavante 1500 vs 1550 vs 1580? (all explained review)


Value for Money
The boAt Aavante 1500 Soundbar delivers 120 watts of loud sound which tends to be bass and treble heavy. Aavante 1500, 1550 and 1580 soundbars all have the same specifications and performance. Key features - separate wired 60 Watt subwoofer, HDMI ARC and Bluetooth 5.0.


The boAt Aavante 1500, 1550 and 1580 Soundbars are similar in specifications and performance. They all deliver 120 watts RMS power through 2.1 channels and have separate wired passive subwoofer.

The volume can get really loud but the sound delivered is unnaturally high in treble and bass. Very loud and ‘vibrating’ bass is a plus for party lovers and those who do not care so much about fidelity. HDMI ARC, Optical, 3.5mm Aux., USB and Bluetooth 5.0 allows for multiple convenient connectivity options.

There is no Dolby Digital and 3D Sound should not be considered as a replacement for Dolby. Its MRP is Rs. 16,990 but in 2021 it is available online between 5,500 to 8,000.

  • Can get very loud
  • Separate subwoofer
  • Bass and treble adjustable separatly

  • Does snot reproduce input sound faithfully. Adds its own ‘color’
  • overpowering bass and harsh treble
  • No Dolby Digital or DTS



boAt is an Indian company offering portable hardware at budget friendly prices. It follows an aggressive marketing campaign using cricket and Bollywood celebrities and in 2021 it has become 5th largest audio brand worldwide. It offers affordable home audio solutions like boAt Aavante 1160 and boAt Aavante 1190 entry level soundbars.

Sony HT-X8500 is a good Dolby Atmos enabled soundbar. For those interested in soundbars with wireless subwoofer, Motorola MT160DSB is worth a look.

Sony’s entry level HT-S350 soundbar with wireless subwoofer is a great choice for those preferring the Sony brand.

Check out awesome deals on boAt products.

boAt Aavante 1500 vs 1550 vs 1580 Soundbars- What’s The Difference?

There is no difference in specifications and performance of boAt Aavante 1500 and 1550 and 1580 Soundbars. They all have same dimensions, are 120 watts 2.1 channel soundbars with external wired passive 60 watt subwoofer and bluetooth 5.0, HDMI ARC, Optical, USB & 3.5mm aux. connectivity.

Among the 1500, 1550 and 1580, you may get a different subwoofer front plate (‘X’ or ‘A’ shaped) or different remote (flat & thin or slim & rounded like Firestick) depending on inventory with the online seller. 

Who Should Buy boAt Aavante 1500 Soundbar

  • Budget conscious and wishing HDMI ARC and Bluetooth
  • Party lovers who prefer very loud bass

What Is In The Box

  • Soundbar (1)
  • Subwoofer (1)
  • 3.5 mm male-to-male auxiliary cable (1)
  • Remote (1)
  • Wall mounting brackets (2)
  • Wall mounting kit having screws (4) and wall fixes (4)
  • User Manual (1)
  • Warranty Card (1)

Not provided- HDMI cable, optical cable, remote batteries.

Key Features and First Looks


The boAt Aavante 1500 Soundbar is a Made in China unit. It is imported and serviced by Imagine Marketing Pvt Ltd. 

The Soundbar has an ‘X’ shaped side profile with ridges running along the length of its surfaces. 

boat aavante 1500 1550 1580 soundbar

The speakers are protected by a black metal mesh grille at the front. A large ‘boAt’ logo is pasted at the front. 

The rest of the soundbar is made of glossy plastic in piano black finish which looks impressive. But in the long run it will be difficult to maintain.

A small LED display is placed at the centre of the soundbar behind the metal grille.

4 round-shaped front firing drivers of 15 Watt each are at the left and right sides of the Soundbar, protected by the mesh grille.

Left side is bare. Right side has 3 buttons for POWER, VOLUME+ and VOLUME -. There is a USB port for playing audio through flash drives. 

boat aavante 1500 1550 1580 soundbar

96 cm long, the Soundbar is longer than most soundbars in the market. In comparison, Mi Soundbar is 83 cm long and Blaupunkt SBW-100 is 80 cm long. If you are looking for ultra-compact soundbars, check the Polk Magnifi Mini review here, it is only 34cm long!.

At the rear are 3 input ports for HDMI ARC, OPTICAL and 3.5mm AUX. A tethered, non removable, AC power cord comes out from the rear. There is no power on/off switch. A SUBWOOFER OUT port has been provided to give input to the subwoofer.

2 rubber pads have been provided for slip-free placement.


The subwoofer is a 60 watt passive unit i.e. it does not have its own power supply and amplifier unit. The subwoofer is driven by the input from the soundbar unit.

It is made of MDF and has a large ‘A’ pasted on the front in glossy plastic. Some units ship out with ‘X’ shaped glossy plastic subwoofer faceplate. apart from this cosmetic difference, the subwoofers of boAt Aavante 1150, 1550 and 1580 Soundbars are exactly the same.

boat aavante 1500 1550 1580 soundbar

The subwoofer has a side firing 6.5 inch bass driver and is rear ported.

A tethered wire comes out from the rear of the subwoofer. This has to be connected with the SUBWOOFER OUT jack of the soundbar unit.

Installation and Wiring

The boAt Aavante 1500 Soundbar can be placed on the TV cabinet and rubber pads will aid slip-free placement. 

It can also be hung from the wall with the help of mounting screws and plastic wall fixes (provided). There is no need to mount any wall brackets. The wall brackets come pre-attached at the rear of the soundbar. 

boat aavante 1500 1550 1580 soundbar

Connect the subwoofer’s wire to the SUBWOOFER OUT of the soundbar unit using the tethered cable about 1.5m long. The subwoofer will be powered through the soundbar unit itself and no separate AC power to the subwoofer is required.

Connect the Soundbar to the TV using HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX or OPTICAL inputs. 

boat aavante 1500 1550 1580 soundbar

Except for a 3.5mm AUX cable, no other wire has been provided. Use a High Speed HDMI cable to connect with the HDMI ARC OUT of your TV. 

Connect the Soundbar to the AC wall socket and press POWER ON.

HDMI ARC not working? Do This

In case you face issues with HDMI ARC, follow this tip- 

  • Check Cable: Minimum HDMI 1.4 compatible cable is required for ARC to work. HDMI 1.4 specifications were released way back in 2009 and hence almost all cables available in 2020 should be able to deliver HDMI ARC
  • Connect Properly: Connect Soundbar’s HDMI ARC IN to your TV’s HDMI ARC OUT
  • Make Changes in TV Settings: In TV settings-
    • Disable TV speakers
    • Set the output to PCM. Also set the output to FIXED
    • Enable HDMI ARC or HDMI CEC setting (depends on your TV model. Sony TVs usually call it HDMI CEC)
  • HDMI ARC is good to go. You can control the Soundbar through your TV remote now

In case problem persists, either the HDMI cable is faulty or the firmware needs updating

Also, you cannot connect Amazon Firestick directly to the Soundbar. It will have to be connected to your TV’s HDMI IN. The Soundbar also has to be connected to your TV’s HDMI OUT.

Review of boAt 1500 Soundbar

Sound: Movies

For best possible quality sound, connect using HDMI ARC port. 3.5mm AUX delivers the least audio clarity.

The boAt Aavante 1500 Soundbar delivers way louder sound than any TV speakers. It is sufficient for a medium sized room and may be adequate for large rooms as well. 

The dialogues are clearly audible. The treble and mids are delivered with clarity when listening at medium sound levels. 

A dedicated EQ preset button for MOVIE is available on the remote to enhance the movie experience. 

The bass however starts to overpower other sounds as soon as volume is turned above mid-level. The Soundbar starts to ‘color’ the sound i.e. the sounds become unnatural with over-emphasized treble and loud bass.

Sony HT-X8500 has subwoofers in-built into the soundbar which deliver tighter and more balanced bass.

Another popular option is Motorola MT160DSB with wireless active subwoofer.

Bass Performance

The bass is delivered through its wired subwoofer. Bass becomes very loud but ‘loomy’ and vibrating rather than thumping as volume increases. In a closed or small room, high bass levels are not pleasant to listen to. 

As volume increases, the boAt Aavante 1500 Soundbar becomes more and more bass heavy. The mids struggle to be heard over the subwoofer. 

The subwoofer is rear ported. Placing it too close to the wall will cause unpleasant noises, windows rattling and objects moving in a closed room. To reduce unnecessary vibrations and ‘loomy’ bass effect, place the subwoofer at least 2 feet away from the rear wall. 

Also, bass will be better enjoyed in a room where sound is being damped through carpet, heavy curtains or cushiony furniture.

Motorola MT150-HT51 is a budget friendly full 5.1 channel soundbar worth checking out.

3D Mode

3D mode is supposed to create a virtual surround effect. ‘3D’ effect of boAt should not be compared with Dolby or Dolby Atmos. Dolby is a proprietary sound compression and noise reduction technology. Dolby Labs licenses this technology to product manufacturers for a fee. The boAt Aavante 1500 Soundbar is not Dolby supported hence it is not expected to decode and play any Dolby audio.

The 3D mode creates a virtual surround effect but it is not very pleasant to listen to if you do not prefer any distortion in the original soundtracks.  

Sound: Music

Sound level goes up to 35. Sound is adequately loud at around 20-25 levels.

Treble and bass levels can be individually controlled using the remote. Treble can be adjusted from -5 to +5. Bass also can be adjusted from -5 to +5.

Stereo dynamics is fine and the Soundbar can play music at loud levels without breaking up.

Party lovers who prefer bass over anything else will not be disappointed. The subwoofer can dish out some serious vibrations.

This soundbar is not meant for music enthusiasts and audiophiles who prefer fidelity over loudness. The soundbar does add its own ‘signature’ to the sound.

USB can be used to play songs and audiobooks in MP3 / WAV from flash drives. Only FAT32 formatted drives upto maximum 32 GB storage size can be played.


Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is smooth and quick. Pairing of pre-connected devices happens in a couple of seconds. 

There may be some latency in audio when watching video over bluetooth. Movie watching is best done through HDMI.


Two different qualities of remotes are shipped.

One is a thin and broad. Its keys are spread out making them easy to read but slightly tough to reach out with the thumb.

The second remote variant is slim and curved just like Amazon FireStick’s. This remote is preferable. Check with seller before ordering.

Control for HDMI Function (HDMI CEC)

HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) allows HDMI devices to control each other. With this useful feature, you can have high level control of soundbar functions using the TV remote. Following features can be enjoyed-

  • Power Off 
  • Audio Controls (volume +,-,mute)
  • eARC/ARC
  • One-Touch Play
  • HDMI Standby

Switch on HDMI CEC on your TV to use this feature.

Specifications of boAt Aavante 1500, 1550, 1580 Soundbars

No. of SpeakersSoundbar: 57 mm (2.25 inch) x 4 nos

Subwoofer Driver: 165 mm (6.5 inch) x 1 nos
Speaker Power Output (RMS)Total: 120 Watts RMS

Tweeter and Midrange Drivers: 14 Watts x 4 nos.

Subwoofer Drivers: 60 Watts x 1 nos.
Signal to Noise>72 dB
SensitivitySoundbar: 800 mV +/- 50 mV

Subwoofer: 400 mV +/- 50 mV
Speaker ImpedanceSoundbar: 4 ohm x 4 nos

Subwoofer: 4 ohm x 1 nos
Frequency Response80 Hz to 20,000 Hz
SubwooferYes, External, wired, passive subwoofer
Input PortHDMI ARCOpticalUSB3.5 mm AUX
Output Port
BluetoothYes, v5.0
FM RadioNo
DimensionsSoundbar: (Length x Depth x Height): 960 mm x 78 mm x 73 mm

Subwoofer: (Length x Depth x Height): 190mm x 315 mm x 368 mm
WeightSoundbar: Approximately 2 kg (not specified)

Subwoofer: Approximately 3 kg (not specified)

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