Polk Magnifi Mini


Is Polk MagniFi Mini still worth it?

The Polk MagniFi Mini, launched in 2016 is still worth buying if you like 300 watt peak power with uncluttered connectivity of wireless subwoofer, Dolby Digital with virtual surround & Polk brand, all packed in a small footprint of just 34cms.

With plethora of connectivity options-HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, optical, 3.5mm AUX and wireless, the soundbar is capable of decoding Dolby Digital content and delivering virtual surround through its 2.1 channel set up. 

However at this price point, the Polk MAgniFi Mini lacks Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X, Dolby Vision, 4K passthrough, HLG and digital voice assistant support. Some of the lesser priced soundbars from premium names like Sony and LG have started packing these in their latest offerings. 

If owning an ultra-compact soundbar is your aim, then by all means go for this little champ. However, if you wish to keep yourself updated with the latest technology, you should check out other Polk offerings like the surround sound enables powerful MagniFi Max or the MagniFi 2.

  • Ultra-compact
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Customisable bass and voice level
  • Great for movies & music both
  • Tidal & Spotify through Google Chromecast
  • No display
  • No HDMI eARC
  • No Atmos, No DTS/DTS:X, No 4K passthrough
  • Not wall mountable

Why should you buy Polk MagniFi Mini?

  • No space around the TV for larger soundbars
  • Budget of around Rs. 30,000 (available for USD 250 in the US. Check for discount now)
  • Prefer wireless subwoofer for easy placement

Sony HT-G700 soundbar is the more premium version with 3.1 channels, 400 watts peak power, wireless subwoofer, Dolby Atmos and HDMI eARC.

What is in the box?

  • Soundbar (1)
  • Wireless Subwoofer (1)
  • Remote (1)
  • AAA batteries (2)
  • DC adapter for soundbar (1)
  • HDMI Cable 2m (1)
  • Power Cords (2)
  • Optical Cable 1.8m (1)
  • 3.5mm Aux cable 1.8m (1)
  • User Manual (1)

Key features and first looks

The Polk MagniFi Mini is made in China and imported in India by ProFX, the authorised dealer for Polk.

Although launched in 2016, the Polk MagniFi Mini soundbar as well as the subwoofer bith look stunning and premium, even in 2021. Good design is always ‘in’.


Polk Magnifi Mini

The soundbar unit is ultra-compact, only 34 cm long, and will win you over with its cute looks. It is made from premium plastic with a fabric cloth wrapping around its entire front and sides protecting the speakers. A chrome-finish outline garnishes the front.

Inside the soundbar are housed 4 mid-range drivers, 2 facing front and 1 each facing left and right. 2 front facing tweeters for high frequencies are also mounted.

Polk logo in bold white is placed in the middle of the top control console. The top console has POWER ON, BLUETOOTH, SOURCE, NIGHT EFFECT, MASTER VOLUME+ and MASTER VOLUME- buttons. 

The back panel of Polk MagnFi Mini has the 15V 2.5A DC power IN jack, HDMI ARC, OPTICAL IN, 3.5mm AUX IN and Ethernet IN ports. It also has a USB A ports but only for firmware updates. There is a wifi reset button as well.

There is no display. A series of 5 vertically placed LEDs at the front indicate status, which is neither easy nor cool.

Wireless subwoofer

The subwoofer is a compact unit made of plastic. It has a 6.5 inch downward firing subwoofer driver. 

Its four solid feet with rubberised bases keep the driver about 1-1.5 inch above the ground. It has a down-firing port. 

Crossover frequency between the subwoofer and soundbar is 150 Hz, which is on the higher side. Generally in AVRs, the setting is around 80 Hz. There is no way to set this to your liking manually.


The Infrared (IR) Remote is curvy and fits comfortably in your hand. It has a black, grainy face with a silver border. Buttons are not the conventional protruding rubber/plastic type but placed underneath a flat flexible plastic sheath. 

All buttons have been given rubbery tactile feel. The power ON, input mode and sound EQ buttons are ‘raised’ while the master volume buttons are ‘recessed’. Once you get used to the layout, the remote can even be operated without having to see the buttons. This may be the next best alternative to a back lit remote.

What is the power of Polk MagniFi Mini?

Polk Magnifi Mini is rated at 300 watts peak and 150 watts RMS.

Separate rating of its subwoofer has not been disclosed.

Installation and Setup


The Polk MagniFi Mini’s soundbar unit can only be placed on the TV cabinet, table top  or shelf underneath your TV set. It is quite sturdy and weighs 1.76 kgs.

There is no provision to hang it on the wall.

The subwoofer can be placed near to any AC wall socket as per your personal preference.

How to connect Polk MagniFi Mini to TV?

Option A HDMI ARC- Using the provided HDMI cable connect the HDMI ARC OUT port of your TV to the HDMI ARC IN port at the back of the soundbar. Press HDMI on the remote to complete the connection. Bottommost LED will turn solid WHITE indicating successful connection. This connectivity allows Dolby 5.1 decoding. Green LED will turn on if Dolby content is detected. 

Option B OPTICAL CABLE- Using the provided optical cable, connect the OPTICAL OUT port of your TV to the Optical IN port at the back of the soundbar. Press OPTICAL on the remote to complete the connection. 2 LEDs from the bottom up will turn solid WHITE indicating successful connection. This connectivity also allows Dolby 5.1 decoding. Green LED will turn on if Dolby content is detected.

Option C 3.5mm AUX- Using the provided 3.5mm AUX cable, connect the AUX OUT port of your TV to the AUX IN port at the back of the soundbar. Press AUX on the remote to complete the connection. 3 LEDs from the bottom up will turn solid WHITE indicating successful connection. This connectivity does not support Dolby 5.1 decoding.

Note, you cannot connect Amazon FireStick directly to Polk MagniFi Mini. You will have to plug in the FireStick to TV’s HDMI first, and then connect TV’s HDMI OUT to soundbar’s HDMI IN.

How to connect wireless subwoofer to the Polk MagniFi Mini?

Step 1- Connect the subwoofer to AC power. Turn on the sound bar. On the sound bar simultaneously press and hold the BLUETOOTH button and the SOURCE button for 3 seconds

Step 2- Press and hold the SYNC button on the back of the subwoofer for 3 seconds

The green LED on the back of the subwoofer will start flashing at a faster rate, indicating that the sound bar and the subwoofer are connecting. The LED will turn solid green when connected.

The wireless is capable of both 2.4GHz & 5GHz (802.11a/b/g/n/AC)

How to connect mobile / tablet to Polk MagniFi Mini using Bluetooth?

Step 1- Press the BLUETOOTH button on the soundbar. BLUE LED will blink on the front of the soundbar. Bluetooth button is not available on the remote, only on the soundbar unit.

Step 2- On your mobile or tablet, in the bluetooth connectivity options select ‘Polk MagniFi Mini’. The topmost LED will turn solid BLUE on successful connection. Default password is ‘0000’.

Note, you cannot pair bluetooth headphones with MagniFi Mini. Neither can you add more speakers to the MagniFi setup.

How to stream Tidal or Spotify music to Polk MagniFi Mini?

You can stream music using bluetooth, wifi and ethernet.

Download the ‘Cast app’ by visiting chromecast.com/setup, Google Playstore or Apple AppStore. 

Click on the ‘Devices’ tab within the app and select MagniFi Mini. 

Once a successful Chromecast connection has been made, the topmost LED will turn solid WHITE.

This way, you can stream audio from your smartphone/ tablet using Tidal or Spotify through Google Chromecast.

Polk MagniFi Mini Sound Review

Sound Modes and Special Features

MOVIE MODE- enhances audio reproduction in movies

MUSIC MODE- enhances audio whenever music is played or whenever movie with music is played 

SPORT MODE- enhances vocals and gives stadium-like effects whenever sports, news or talk shows are played

NIGHT EFFECT- reduces bass and volume dynamics while improving voice for low volume listening

BASS LEVEL CONTROL- using the BASS+/- buttons on the remote, you can control bass volume level 

VOICE LEVEL CONTROL- This uses Polk’s ‘VoiceAdjust’ technology. Using VOICE+/-, you can control dialogue volume levels. This isolates and adjusts the voice channel level to reproduce clear and crisp dialogue. 

Sound: Music

Do not let its size fool you. The Polk MagnFi Mini packs a lot of power. It can get really loud with 300 watts of peak power at its disposal. The 4 mid range drivers produce room filling and loud party music that can put soundbars much larger in size to shame. 

Bass is also excellent and punchy. Downward firing subwoofer driver adds to the heft. Never once did the subwoofer lose composure and cracked up. 

The music’s dynamic range is great. Polk has definitely put its 40 years of audio equipment experience to good use. High frequencies are well reproduced by the 2 tweeters. 

The stereo separation in audio is excellent and surprisingly well done, in spite of the fact that the soundbar is just 34cm long.

All in all, the 4 mid range drivers plus the 2 tweeters plus the subwoofer deliver great music, be it classic, rock, pop or vocal.  

Sound Movies

For best possible quality sound, connect using HDMI ARC port. 3.5mm AUX delivers the least audio clarity.

Dolby content can be decoded only when connected using HDMI ARC and Optical cable. 

The Polk MagniFi Mini is actually a 2.1 channel soundbar capable of processing 5.1 channel Dolby content and downmixing it to deliver virtual surround experience through a 2.1 channel set up.

But here again, the MagniFi Mini delivered surprises. The virtual surround is exceptionally well executed. 

The front soundstage is good and voices originating from front-left, centre and front-right can accurately placed spatially. 

The surround or the rear soundstage is also very well done and the soundbar does a decent job of placing rear objects somewhat correctly, where they should be as per movie scenes. 

The Polk MagniFi Mini does not have Dolby Atmos, DTS or DTS:X however.

Specifications of Polk MagniFi Mini

Power OutputPeak: 300 watts
RMS: 150 watts
No. of SpeakersMidrange drivers: 57 mm (2.25 inch) x 4 nos
Tweeters: 12mm (0.5 inch) x 2 nos 

Subwoofer Driver: 165 mm (6.5 inch) x 1 nos.
Frequency Response40 Hz to 24,000 Hz
SubwooferYes, External, wired, passive subwoofer
Input PortHDMI ARC
3.5 mm AUX
USB (only updates)
FM RadioNo
DimensionsSoundbar: (Length x Depth x Height): 341 mm x 108 mm x 79 mm

Subwoofer: (Length x Depth x Height): 
188mm x 366 mm x 368 mm
WeightSoundbar: 1.76 kg
Subwoofer: 3.68 kg

FAQs of Polk MagniFi Mini

Question: Can I use Bluetooth headphones with Polk MagniFi Mini?

You will not be able to use the Magnifi Mini with bluetooth headphones. The bluetooth in the Mini is for sending a signal from a phone, tablet or PC to the soundbar. It does not receive a bluetooth signal.

Question: Can Polk Magnifi Mini be paired with rear speakers?

No, the Magnifi Mini cannot be paired with rear speakers. Only the Magnifi Max will work with the SR1 speakers. The Magnifi Mini cannot add additional speakers to the rear. You would have to use the Polk Magnifi Max SR system for that.

Question: Does Polk MagniFi Mini support Dolby Atmos or DTS:X?

No, the Magnifi Mini does not support Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. It will support PCM, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus.

Question: Does Polk MagniFi Mini support 4K?

No, the Magnifi Mini does not support 4K via HDMI ARC. But you can connect the bar via the optical cable and keep the 4K in your TV.

Question: Can I connect Amazon FireStick directly to Polk MagniFi Mini?

You cannot connect Amazon FireStick directly to the Polk MagniFi Mini. It will have to be connected to your TV’s HDMI IN. The Soundbar also has to be connected to your TV’s HDMI OUT.

Question: HDMI ARC is not working?

In case you face issues with HDMI ARC, follow this tip- 

  • Cable: minimum HDMI 1.4 compatible cable is required for ARC to work. HDMI 1.4 specifications were released way back in 2009 and hence almost all cables available in 2020 should be able to deliver HDMI ARC
  • Make sure to connect Soundbar’s HDMI ARC IN to your TV’s HDMI ARC OUT
  • In TV settings, disable TV speakers
  • In TV settings, set the output to PCM. Also set the output to FIXED
  • In TV settings, enable HDMI ARC or HDMI CEC setting (depends on your TV model. Sony TVs usually call it HDMI CEC)
  • HDMI ARC is good to go. You can control the Soundbar through your TV remote now
  • In case problem persists, either the HDMI cable is faulty or the firmware needs updating